The World Board Game is a historical game that was played before and durring World War II. This game was created by Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and other great minds. Hitler, like many others in Eurpoe and the world in 1930, became extremely bored with life in general. Hitler then began betting populations, land, and supplies with other world leaders from Czeckoslovokia and Poland, among others. Eventually, they created a board game based off of war and Europe at the time. Hilter sent out an invitation to all of the world leaders who wanted to play. The Major Players and the country they represented were:

  • Adolf Hitler, Germany
  • Joseph Stalin, Russia
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, America
  • Winston Chirchill, England
  • Benito Mussolini, Italy
  • Emperor Hirohito, Japan
  • Prime Ministers Robert Menzies, Arthur Fadden, John Curtin, Frank Forde, and Ben Chifley, Australia
  • Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada
  • Charles De Gaulle, Free France (1944)
  • Jean Moulin, French Resistance (1940)
  • Chiang Kai Shek, China
  • Prime Ministers Michael Savage and Peter Fraser, New Zealand
  • Henri Petain, Vichy France (1940)
  • Miklos Horthy, Hungary
  • Bogdan Filov and Dobri Bozhilov, Bulgaria
  • Ion Victor Antonescu, Romania


There were hundreds and hundreds of playing cards made with specific actions to be preformed and dice were used to move on a board. The Cards were split into 6 categories: Attack Card: Attack a nearby country

  • Territory Card: Allows you to change your territory or annex a neutral country
  • Fate Card: You must automatically do what the card says.
  • Alliance card: Allows you to ally with a neutral country or declare war on another country/alliance
  • Internal Affairs Card: Involves revolutions, supplies, population and more.
  • Requirement Card: Gives a player one requirement so they can draw certain cards.
  • Certain Territory and Alliance cards were and used to defect to another side or surrender, if necessary.
Europe card dice game

The Game was played on a board similar to the one above.

The Requirement card was the most varied and beneficial card type. without these, you couldn't invade, attack, ally, alter territory, or activate certain fate cards. The only cards that don't require a certain type of Requirement card are Internal Affairs and most Fate cards. If you landed on a Blank space, you had to defend. Every time you passed Start, you could drawone Requirement Card. The actions on the cards would then play out on the center map. There was also another map on the other side for the Pacific-Chinese front for China, Japan, and America to use. Everyone started out with certain amounts of Troops, Supplies, Troop Moral, and Public Support, all of which could be altered by the fate cards or requirement cards.

The Game after the WarEdit

Only world leaders and a select few trusted individuals know of this game and it is still used today to settle international grievences, though with different maps of course. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Soviet-Afghan Wars are prime examples of wars that were fough without either side drawing a declaration of war card, but still attacked.

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