How It All StartedEdit

The Roman emperor Claudius II got into an argument about territorial claims with the Carthaginian ruler George Washington.

this is carthage after rome destroye d it once and for all.

George thought that Rome was too glorious already and he was jealous. So he called Claudius over for a card game (strip poker of course). Claudius broght his army with him and made them invisible before he went to play the game. As the game went on Claudius thought that George was cheating.He claimed that all Carthaginians were cheaters and that they must be destroyed. So he went home to Grandma Alli Quaedara's house in Bagdhad and asked her if he should nuke Carthage and George Washington or not. His Grandma replied: "Go my grandson, go and nuke those dirty Ameri- I mean Carthaginians!!" So Claudius went to Carthage with a whole array of bombs ( that his grandma made) and threatened George Washington with the destruction of his kingdom. George was prepared however, and he had his own supply of nukes and war stuff. They then began attacking each other and the war started.

The Destruction of CarthageEdit

Claudius was pretty mad that George was still fighting and still alive, so when he engaged George in hand to hand combat, he tried his best to kill him. " Die you bloody Carthaginian!!!" He screamed. Ggeorge feell to the ground but he wasn't done yet. He wipped out his flame thrower and started to torch the Roman emperor. Claudius stepped back , screaming in rage and in pain. George put th e flame thrower down and got back up and grabbed a blaster and pointed it at Claudius. He said "I'm no cheater Claudius. But you are, so Die!!!!" He was just about to squeeze the trigger when Claudius said" Im no done yet either George." He slipped his hand into the pocket of his blood red toga and pulled out what lookedlike a short metal stick. He then pointed it at George, who laughed at the sight of it. " So Claudius, you think that is gonna stop me? You really are stupid!!" Claudius only smirked and pressed a button on the stick. A blood red glowing blade sprung form the handle. It was a lightsaber that he borowed from his friend Darth Vader. "I think you are the stupid one Washington, but you shall be stupid no longer!!!!!" He then flicked his wrist and with one single cut, beheaded George Washington. He fell to the ground, clearly dead.

Meanwhile, Clauduis' troops were busy destroying Carthage. They were killing the Carhtaginian troops. Claudius made a signal, and the jets flew overhead and dropped bombs while Claudius and his Guards flew in a Republic Gunship Back to Rome where Claudius was paraded through the streets of Rome, happy as ever, eventhough he never got to finish his card game with George.

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