The Beginning

George Lucas was born on May 14, 1944. Ever since then, he had a passion for science fiction things, like Star Trek. His parents didn;t like this too much, for they wanted him to study law and they wanted him to get a good education and participate in the U.S. Government. George didnt like this at all. He wanted to focus on the one thing that would change the enterntainment Industry forever.

How He Got The Idea of Star WarsEdit

One night, George had a dream. In his dream he saw huge domed buildings. He also saw what he would later say were space ships. He found himself in one of these ships and noticed he was flying towards a rather large domed building. His ship docked at the building port and he got out. He looked around and his gaze landed on a group pf talking people - except they were aliens. The group leader went up to George and said " George Lucas that is you right?" George replied " Yes that's me, where am I and who are you" while motioning to the big domed building. Well George, I'm Kit Fisto, and you will create this whole universe in the near future" " But ... I don't know what your'e talking about! I'm supposed to be some TV Director, not a creater of a universe that would get frowned upon back on Earth, besides I want to know where I am! How do I get back to Earth?" Kit Just smiled