In this time-line, Serbia got an upgrade and managed to crush Austria゙-Hungary゚ all by themselves. This also happened to cause the Touhou Project being created in Japan in 1920, and Cosplay to be invented in 1925, and then a New World was established.

Coat of Arms Japan (Ruins of Vienna)

Coat of Arms of Japan since 1925

(Still under construction)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Balkan WarEdit

After a Serbian assassin killed Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary vowed for revenge and declared war on Serbia. For whatever reason, the Kaiser in Germany was slacking off at the time; he kinda got bored, and the Russian Tsar was busy playing a board game. So Serbia was all alone in the fight. However soon the Serbian Mafia was established and tore apart Austria-Hungary from the inside out.

Austria-Hungary then had declared war on itself due to the Serbian Mafia, which caused a lot of instability. In 1915, Vienna was destroyed into pieces by the Serbian Mafia, and it collapsed Austria-Hungary. Serbia was able to absorb Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro and formed the Yugoslavian Federation. The New Yugoslavian Federation drafted up a treaty that said that Vienna was to remain dead, and Hungary was to absorb Austria.

The rest of Austria-Hungary became renamed the Hungarian Empire, and the Hungarians started to fill in Austria. By 1923, Austria was deeply Hungarian.

Yugoslavian Federation

The Yugoslavian Federation, established by Serbia

Establishment of GensokyoEdit

In Japan, a Classical Manga Artist, named Kantarō Suzuki (no relation to the Japanese military leader of the same name) created the Touhou Project. This new manga quickly became popular throughout the Japanese Empire. In 1923, Danmaku (弾幕, bullet curtain) was invented, thus effectively became the most powerful weapon in existence.

With Cosplay appearing in 1925, someone decided to cosplay as Koishi Komeiji, and soon she became Prime Minister of Japan. The Empire of Japan became the Empire of Gensokyo in 1928.

Road to WarEdit

Soon, in 1923 the Bloody Revolution happened in the Russian Empire, turning it communist. Joseph Stalin was declared supreme leader of Mother Russia and the Union Soviet Stalinist Republics was established. Finland got lucky and had independence in 1919.

In Kaiser Germany, some more people were slacking off. Despite this, Germany remained in a good powerful position to defend itself.

France and Great Britain, alliances were made to each other after they both set the Napoleon Era to the side and forget the past.

The Yugoslavian Federation and the Hungarian Puppet were building more defences and stuff to eventually invade Germany.

In Italy, they still turned fascist, nothing different here.

Chinese-Gensokyo WarsEdit

Takeover of Nanking (Ruins of Vienna)

What a good day for Operation Perfect Cherry Blossom!

In 1931, the Empire of Gensokyo invaded China and with the new Danmaku, the puppet state of Manchukuo was conquered and established in 1931, and by 1935 China and Mongolia were conquered. Gensokyo continued her campaigns and conquered South-East Asia in 1938. The Chinese tried to fight off the Japanese in occupation zones, but were quickly dealt with thanks to the Danmaku.

And so World War Two...never mindEdit

Germany without a trace quickly absorbed Austria in 1939, which began the Second World War. It was later found out that the Kaiser got diagnosed with Insanity Disease. Italy begin to kick into Tunisia and Algeria (literally) and with the powerful boots, they were easily conquerable. Germany and Italy become allied with each other and went on their conquest for Europe.

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, San Marino, all fell within Later 1939 because the nations were tiny and no resistance. France still fell in 1940, before they even got a chance to go all Napoleon again. The United Kingdom now had to declare war against the German-Italian Companies first, to prevent them from getting supplies. This doesn't turn out well.

In Spain, the Bull Fighting Company had beat both the Republicans and the Franco Party. Soon a Bull Fighter took power in Spain and established a dictatorship. They quickly formed and alliance with Germany and Italy and joined the War.

The United Kingdom was in a state of shock. Soon, an Englishwoman, who was cosplaying as Kogasa Tatara decided to take Prime Minister of the UK after Winston Churchill gave up. This surprised the British, and soon Britain turned the tide against the Germans.

A day later, Winston Churchill decided to work at a small banking company, somewhere in Scotland, and so he begun a new life for himself.

After hearing a cosplayed Kogasa Tatara taking Prime Minister in the UK, the USA President, and the Americans were taken by surprise and didn't expect her. Trying to avoid the Cosplay Fun, the United States declared war against Gensokyo. Despite the fact that Gensokyo had sided with the allies.

The Mid Set of the WarEdit

Operation Nyan Katze

The Kaiser always liked Pop-Tarts and Cats, so it was called Operation Nyan Katze by the Kaiser.

By 1942, Germany had conquered most of Europe, except for the USSR they haven't invaded yet, and Italy absorbed Yugoslavia, Turkey and North Africa. Soon, Germany went into Operation Nyan Katze and invaded the USSR. Joseph Stalin, who was busy trying to fix his stalled car, was angered and decided to declare war on Germany, Italy, and Spain. The German armies then captured a few Soviet land by attacking them with the new Pop-Tart Machine Gun. It effectively killed them. Of course, cats were used too, and cats that wore pop-tart costumes was effective against the Soviets. For now anyway.

Operation Tac Nayn

The Soviet launched invasion, Operation Tac Nayn. Waffles is pop-tarts weakness, and Stalin justified that. Disregard the invasion of Estonia and Balkans, it never happened.

Operation Nyan Katze all went well until Moscow. Joseph Stalin used the power of Tetris and soon falling blocks killed the Germans and Italians, and turning the tide in the war. Operation Tac Nayn was established by the USSR and begin to invade into German controlled Europe. The Soviets fought back against the Germans using their Waffle Machine Gun and Angry Cats with Waffle Costumes. This effectively scared the pop-tart cats and all retreated.

In the Pacific, the USA signed a treaty with Gensokyo and apologised that they attacked them when they were on the allied side. The USA then became allied as well and attacked Germany and Italy.

Mexico quickly invaded Central America up until Panama. The reason for this invasion was unknown, but it was said that the ghost of Agustín I haunted them to do so.

Soon, in 1943, Kogasa Tatara (Cosplayed by Englishwoman) surprised Italy after the British attacked Italian North Africa. The Italians were so shocked by surprise and were not completely off guard, and because of this the Italians soon was completely defeated in the same year. The British celebrated as a result and bought lots of umbrellas. Kogasa Tatara was hailed as a hero and became a personification of the United Kingdom. This gave the USA President a Heart Attack and soon Harry S. Truman became president of the USA.

Meanwhile in Finland, they were able to kick both the USSR and Germany out and soon Finland annexed Murmansk and Karelia, as well as Estonia. The Soviets retreated because they were scared of the powerful Finland, and that they were able to inflict heavy damage against the Soviets. Finland became seen as invincible and unstoppable and so the Soviets sued for peace and got on their knees and beg them to not go on. The Finns agreed, and was able to keep their newly annexed territories as well.

The End of WarEdit

Stalin 1945

Stalin waiting for his car to be repaired.

By 1944, Eastern Europe (except for Hungary proper, Austria, and the Balkans) was under control of the USSR. By 1945 the USSR had crushed Kaiser Germany and annexed Poland and Germany into the USSR. The Kaiser was also killed personally by Joseph Stalin, by giving the Kaiser a waffle to eat, that was poisoned and contained nuclear fusion.

By 1945 Gensokyo had finally liberated India from the oppressing British, thus ending European influence in Eastern Asia. The Empire of Gensokyo released India (which became the Republic of India; India also includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma), Cambodian Empire (contains Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam), Thailand (Thailand also has Malaysia and Indonesia), Republic of China (includes Mongolia and Tannu Tuva), Republic of Korea independence and they all also joined the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation established by Gensokyo. Gensokyo (which contains Japan, Karafuto, all Chishima Islands, Taiwan, and Philippines) drafted up a new constitution creating Democracy for in Gensokyo. All the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation members also have democracy as well.

Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation

The Members of the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation, with Cosplayed characters in each nation (represented by an actual character that they are cosplaying as).

Hearing about the loss of India, Kogasa Tatara became surprised herself for once, after she had surprised and scared people before. Of course she didn't mind and was glad for the Indians.

Guógòng Nèizhàn?Edit

In other news, the Chinese Civil War? Apparently the Soviets were too occupied in trying to defeat the Kaiser with Insanity Disease so they didn't help out the Chinese Communists at all. Mao Zedong and his Communist friends had soon lost the Chinese War. Once the Empire of Gensokyo conquered China, they begun to wipe out the communists with Danmaku. With now being on Lunatic Difficulty, Mao Zedong decided to retreat and managed to flee to Australia. In the end, the Nationalist Chinese won the war with the help of Gensokyo. With democracy now being promoted by Gensokyo, the communists in China is gone; either dead or escaped to Australia.

The Cold WarEdit

With war over, the Kogasaian Britain, USSR, and the United States were in a Cold War. However Chile tried to spice it up with the specially made Chilli Peppers and soon was invaded by Kogasaian influenced Argentina. Argentina then annexed Chile afterwards and have free access to Chilli Peppers.

In 1951, after hearing that Kogasa Tatara took power in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Koishi Komeiji and her Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation became aligned and allied with Kogasaian Britain.

Later in 1957, Joseph Stalin died after trying to fix his stalled car. Nikita Khrushchev came into power that moment, and was playing Tetris.

Cuban ProblemsEdit

Fidel Castro was having a field day establishing Communism in Cuba. Having said that, the USA launched the invasion of Cuba, but was unsuccessful due to the pigs squealing. After the pigs swam away in the Bay of Pigs, all was lost. The Cuban Cigar spread into Florida, causing problems.

Later Joseph McCarthy decided to chase people and arrest them for having communism and Cuban Cigar in their ideologies. But then in 1959 Joseph McCarthy was arrested after they found out that he himself was smoking Cuban Cigar and didn't even know it.

The Cuban Cigar Crisis happened in 1962 due to the spread of Cuban Cigars being widespread in the USA. The USA then banned and arrested anyone smoking a Cuban Cigar in the USA. This angered Nikita Khrushchev and threatened to summon falling blocks into the USA and destroying them if they let the Cuban Cigar be freely smoked. The USA flipped out and promised to stop it. Nikita Khrushchev continued to play Tetris and forgot that the whole thing happened.

End of the Bitter ColdEdit

The Union of Soviet Stalinist Republics launched an invasion of Afghanistan to see if it's obtainable. This soon established Operation Tac Nayn 2.0 to be in effect. However the war turns horrible and by 1987 the USSR retreated after Afghanistan activated their trap card. Soon, after Mikhail Gorbachev came into power in 1988, Germany and Poland were released of good behaviour. Soon the rest of the Baltics were released but annexed by Finland. In 1990, the USSR became the Russian Federation after having nothing to do and got bored of being Communist.

The USA also lost power and became a third world country.

This declared Kogasaian Britain to have major victory. However after the Englishwoman who cosplayed Kogasa Tatara died in 1997, Tony Blair took lead as Prime Minister of United Kingdom. This led to angry Welsh later on...

Akihito 090710-1600b

Akihito, current Emperor of Gensokyo (Now Japan)

In 1989, Hirohito died and was succeeded by Akihito. The Japanese lady who cosplayed Koishi Komeiji also dies in 1989. However her daughter, 23, is elected as new Prime Minister of Gensokyo. She is also cosplaying as Koishi Komeiji as well. Also in the same year, the Empire of Gensokyo was renamed into Nippon-koku (Japan).


In 2000, George W Bush was elected president of the USA and turned it back into a great power, though this was later reverted after he choked on a pretzel at one point. They also end up in a war against Iraq and Afghanistan because of oil.

ZUN went on to establish the games of the Touhou Project, starting in 1997.

The Yugoslavian Federation broke apart in 2003, and Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia declared independence. This made the Serbian President cry in tears but soon got over it. He kept good relations with his fellow neighbours...

Though, shortly before Slovenia joined the European Union; Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia decided to join with Slovenia to establish 'Republic of North Yugoslavia' and thus they all entered the EU as North Yugoslavia. It was established as a new nation a day later.

In Austria, Vienna was rebuilt and became back to normal, as if nothing happened to them in the first place....

...or so they though?

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