Pre Vizsla was
Pre vizsla

Visla with the darksaber.

a villain from the Star Wars universe. He once came into possesion of the Darksaber, a single black colored lightsaber which was sort of like a flattened saber with solidized plasma. It resembles a real sword but it glows a whitish color. It was stolen form the Jedi several generations before Vizsla who came into possession of it when his kinsman Tor Vizsla was killed. He also inherited the secret organization Death Watch when Tor died too.

Vizsla often combated the Jedi, the most notable example being Obi Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano. The Directo of the clone wars says that more of Vizsla and the Death Watch will appear in Season 5 of the next season (coming this fall.....)

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