The Musical Universe, sometimes shortened to just the Universe, is the place where Matter, Energy, and Music, are found and where everything in exsistence exists. Music is the backbone of everything. It is the building blocks of energy, which is the building blocks of matter, which is the building blocks of everything else.

The Big ChorusEdit

Big Chorus In the beginning, there was nothingness and the MU (Musical Universe) was condensed into a infinitely dense, infinitely sounding ball, smaller than a particle. Then, the Big Chorus occured. The Big Chorus Theory (not to be confused with the popular sitcom "The Big Chorus Theory") is the most widely accepted theory regarding the creation of the Universe. Durring the Big Chorus, the Universe experienced its first chordal sound, and an extremely dissinant one. The huge dissinance caused it to explode and "relaxe" into numerous chordal harmonies.

After the Big ChorusEdit

After this, the entity of Music began to condense into energy, which then itself condenced into a myriad of different Musical Chords, or less commonly called "Particles" after James Particle who theorized their existence in the early times of man on Earth. The Musical Notes (also called "Sub-atomic particles") consisted of a One (proton), a Three (electron), and a Five (neutron) note to create a Major Chord, the most common type of chord, or atom, that directly interacts with us. Chords then condensed to create Scales (or molecules), Songs (planets), Instruments (Stars), Orchestras (solar systems), and Symphonies (Galaxies).

Earth in the Musical UniverseEdit

Earth is a unique Song in the Musical Universe, as it harbors Sustained Note, or life. Sustained Note is thought to be a rare substance throughout the Universe. Harmonykind, or Humans, are what we are. All life on Earth has gone through, and still is going through, Chordal Progression, sometimes called evolution. There is a rich and long History of the world throughout human exsistence.

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