Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown stealing a suitcase from Queen Elizabeth just before fleeing to Turkey

Prime Minister of British State
2002年 – 2006年

Predecessor: Tony Blair
Successor: David Cameron
Birth: 1951年2月20日
Giffnock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Death: 2006年4月4日
Ankara, People's Republic of Turkey
Spouse: Sarah Brown
Political party: British Labour Party
Religion: Confucianism
Profession: Politics, Government, Labour

Gordon Brown, though known as G0rd0n Br0wn or Bái gāo dūn was a Prime Minister of British State.



Gordon Brown's old home. He always seemed to live near a tornado area.

Gordon Brown was practically a sinister through most of his life.

He was born in Giffnock in 1951年. He liked Nyan Cats so when he was 10, he tried to go to Germanyan to buy a Nyan Cat. Which ended up failing because the Nyan Cat flew him back home and then flew away. So therefore he stopped trying to get a Nyan Cat.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown talking about how he managed to get in German SSR for a Nyan Cat.

By 13, he realised that he actually was in German SSR, and that Germany was part of the Soviet Union when he tried to get a Nyan Cat. But it didn't took him until three years later to figure it all out.

By 18, he got expelled from school because of his evil genius, though he graduated however.

GetaLife Building

GetaLife Building in Nye York City.

When he was 21, he worked at GetaLife Building in New York City. However he felt out of place there so he moved back to Kogasanian Britain at 23.

He started to get into politics at 25, and joined the Labour Party when he was 29. He aimed to have Britain his way so he became friends with Tony Blair and both had a plan. That when the Prime Minister dies that Tony Blair would become Prime Minister of the UK and after a few years, Gordon Brown would have a chance to also become Prime Minister. Gordon Brown agreed to the plan so...

After heavy campaigns, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown managed to trick the people and soon Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997 with Gordon Brown his Vice Minister. In the same year, Kogasanian Britain was renamed to 'British State' as the Labour Party have full control.

Then by 2002 Tony Blair became Vice Minister and Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. They both 'improved' Britain in a way that weakened the economy, made children work earlier, increased too much military spending, etc.

In 2003, Gordon Brown decided to poke some fun against cosplayers and soon also made fun of people who wore ribbons on their heads. However he only angered them and soon a Rumia tried to go after Gordon Brown but she could never find him because he stayed in a office full of lights, and Rumia hates the light.

By 2005 the British people realised that they were tricked and begun to riot against the Labour regime. Koishiist Japan, who had held onto British Africa since 1999 (due to the Labour regime ignoring all about Africa), threatened the Labour regime to step down or else. Gordon Brown refused of course.

By 2006, Nitori Kawashiro's Russia and Reimu Hakurei's Finland, with support of Koishiist Japan, launched an invasion of the British State. Soon by the second month they reached the government office and when they got there, Gordon Brown had fled.

Gordon Brown had fled to the People's Republic of Turkey to escape the trouble. Though in the fourth month, he was killed by the Turkish People's Army after he posed a threat to Turkey, which he never did. But his political views were against the Communist Party of Turkey and so was thus killed.