In this time-line, Finland's Ice Hockey Team managed to declare independence for Finland around 1900, thus setting up a new Finland.

Title of time-line is based off from Sanae Kochiya's theme, "Faith Is for the Transient People"

(Also under construction)

Establishing SuomiEdit

During the Siberian Husky rule over Finland (called the Grand Slam Duchy of Finland at the time) the Woman's Ice Hockey Team of the Republic of Finland was established and opposed to Russian rule. So they set up a plan to beat them out of commission.

In 1900Edit

Finland Map

Map of Finland Republic (in blue)

The Woman's Ice Hockey Team of the Republic of Finland challenged Russia to a duel. It wasn't like a cliché of Card Games on Motorcycles. The Woman's Ice Hockey Team of the Republic of Finland went ice skating and messed up Russian lands. The sounds of the skis really annoyed the Russians so they let the Siberian Husky out to attack. It's not very effective and soon Russians were beat so bad they had lost the game. So, Woman's Ice Hockey Team of the Republic of Finland won a crushing victory and the Republic of Finland was born.

The Kaiser's WarEdit

Soon came time for Austria-Hungary deli time, where each year the citizens were eating only deli's for a week. It just so happens that in 1914 Roman Bellic managed to shoot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the head during his lunch break. Despite this, it delayed World War One for another week because the Austria-Hungarians were busy eating deli's all day. Then World War One starts.

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was prepared to fight, and aided Austria-Hungary. Russia then declared war on Germany because they couldn't stand the messy apartments the Germans had, as they were too occupied in military equipment. France, unfortunately got it's Napoleon Mode turned on and so fought against the Centre Powers and Russia. Due to Scotland playing the bagpipes so loud, the United Kingdom was unable to participate in the war.

The war was messed up, but soon Austria-Hungary managed to annex the rest of the Balkans, and soon Bulgaria and Romania joined them too, because they wanted free deli's too. Russia stopped the war with Austria-Hungary because they didn't want to ruin their deli business but continued to invade Germany. France conquered Spain after the Spanish were all in pain from not only the Bulls, but the fact the Spanish had to take an arrow to the knee. Franco-Spain was established, and decided to stop the conquest so the Napoleon Mode was switched off.

Finland after World War One

Finland (in blue) after World War One.

Germany and Russia soon signed a truce after the Germans promised to clean their apartments and hotels so it wouldn't be a problem for tourism. Soon though Russia was in argument over a pointless election so the Tsars and Communists proceeded to fight over each other. Dr. Pepper was invented by the Communists and it declared victory. So the Russian Empire became the Soviet Onion.

Meanwhile Finland bought Estonia and a bunch of land from Russia, including Petrograd for only 99.99 Finnish Markka as it was on sale by the Dr. Pepper foundation. Finland also received some Dr. Pepper for free along with it.

The Un-Finnished BusinessEdit

Finland was not at all satisfied at all. With a Communist Onion to it's right, and a Kaiser Germany near-by put Finland in a teary mood, though it was fake tears. Anyway, the German Kaiser was no longer trust worthy and soon the Kaiser's daughter was up for being the new leader. Soon, A Doll Hit Her tried to oppose this suggestion, but soon A Doll Hit Her was killed by a Star Fox (no relation to the character) when he was in his space ship doing a barrel roll. Soon the Kaiser's Daughter decided against leading Germany because no interest; and soon Prince August Wilhelm was elected new Kaiser, and promised to bring the next prize home.

Anyway in the short run, Finland was prepared for some more fights in the future and trained their military at the Sub Zero Ice Hokey Association of the Republic of Finland.

This is not a war.Edit

Soon Prince August Wilhelm took power in 1932 as the new Kaiser. He didn't like the Communist Russia next door so he asked his fellow neighbour Austria-Hungary for some advice. After their weekly deli, they said that they'll support Germany in their next war as long as they donate. Prince August Wilhelm agreed and so a deal was made.


Charles de Gaulle before being elected President of France

In France, Charles de Quail was worried about what would come of this. However, with France ruling over Spain, there was no Spanish Civil War....

...but there was a French Civil War. So, Charles de Quail managed to fight off the Franco-Spanish Nationalist Party and became leader of France. He then looked at the United Kingdom with a bitter eye, which then paralysed them. So the United Kingdom was fully paralysed and was unable to move.

When Doves fail to bring peace...Edit

...while A Flock of Seagulls brings war to Europe, which cause Iran so far away to enter a proxy war between The Onions and the Indians (as the UK itself is paralysed, it's colonial empire is not.)

Because Poland failed to exist, Kaiser Wilhelm III decided to invade the Coffee Shop Lowland countries, for no reason. This begun the Second World War. Soon Charles de Gaulle decided to activate Napoleon Mode, and Germany and France were in a lockdown. The German Military had a tough time fighting against the Napoleonic France, as they equalled in power. However soon a Frenchman tripped and switched off the Napoleon Mode. Soon, France fell almost three seconds later because of this. The Frenchman was arrested by the Germans and was executed because he made the challenge too easy for them. Soon, Germany and Austria-Hungary went into a nuclear fusion state and as a result, both nations merged into one, thus establishing Super Hungarian Bros. Italy was soon booted out of commission and was forced to join the Hungarian Empire. With the Neo-Central Powers merging into one mega-superpower, the Soviet Onion begun to cry. It was still fake tears however.

Meanwhile, all of East & South-East Asia, and the Pacific Islands were under control by Japan. Thanks to the establishment of the Hungarian Empire, Japan managed to conquer allot of land easily while everyone else was more scared of Hungary people. This angered Japan and soon a giant frying pan was made, and Japan joined the side of the allies.

Finland was playing the poker face, waiting any moment now.

Now That's What I Call War, Champion's EditionEdit

So the Hungarian Empire managed to invade the Soviet Onion and conquered all of European-sided Onions. Soon the Soviet Onion became Socialist Siberia after all The Onion was gone. With no funny paper to read, the Socialist Siberians managed to invade with an Iron Fist and managed to reconquer most of Eastern Europe. Hungary lost it's mushrooms and soon Austria and Hungary were separated. Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania were given independence because there was too many cats there, which scared the Husky away. Germany was then angered and so soon invaded Finland in anger.

Aino Ackté, who was President of Finland, she declared Total War against every opposition. This means war against the Germans, Soviets, and the British. With a joint Soviet-German invasion of Finland, it seems like Finland was doomed...

...or is it?

Finland after World War Two

Finland and Europe after the Second World War. Germany is divided between the Dutch, Belgium, France, Czeck-Slovakia, Denmark and Finland.

Finnish Hymn!Edit

Anyway Finland's Ice Hockey Team activated their Trap Card and the Blue Eyes White Dragon. This killed off 1,000,000 Germans, 20,000,000 Soviets and nine British. The Soviet Union was severely damaged and ceded so much land to Finland. Germany was out of life points and thus was defeated. Germany was then divided like pizza between the victors.

The End?Edit

Finnish Hymn

Screenshot of the Mortal Kombat game, with Finland.

So, Finland basically had a normal history since then, and won allot more ice hockey championships of course...

When Mortal Kombat was released, it included a Finnish Choir that sung Finnish Heavy Metal. It became popular in Finland and was used for military purposes as well, mainly for the Finnish Military Band, really.